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Executive URA Kuniaki Shiraki

It has been one year and ten months since our URA office was established in July 2014. During this period, we have been involved in the office build up, and focused our activities to “The strategy development for the research capability enhancement, and its implementation”.

On the other hand, the government issued the “Japanese University Revolution Plan” in 2013, which addressed the goal for the 3rd mid-term plan starting in 2016. And, the World University Ranking 2015 was released with impacts on us by a decline in Japanese University’s ranking.

Last year, I attended two symposia titled “Toward Enhancement of University’s Research Management Capability”. I got some insights from both symposia. The first symposium was how Universities in the United States enhanced the research capability by its top down management. The guest speaker was a provost of Stanford University. He introduced his experience as a provost. One of the main roles of provost is the top down financial management including income and outcome, and strategic funding allocations for overall University activities, and investing the fund for potential future growing fields.

The second symposium was about “Entrepreneurship Education” at the National University of Singapore (NUS) with the guest speaker from NUS provost. One aspect of the NUS is stressing on Entrepreneurship Education dispatching the students to overseas universities, and it stimulates them to have a mind of spin-off business developments.

For the research capability enhancement, we need a lot of doctoral students. However, current Japanese Universities have a decreasing number of students including our NITech. I have a feeling that to complete the doctoral study in Japanese Universities takes longer comparing with the US and European universities. And offering full scholarships for students is becoming essential. The revolution plans of the doctoral course should consider those two factors.

Through these two symposia, I am quite stimulated. The systems taken by overseas universities may not be applied directly for our institute. However, I feel the principle of those strategies could be applied for NITech in the near future.

Executive URA
Kuniaki Shiraki
April 11, 2016